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BAL XL Floor One 20kg

BAL XL Floor One 20kg

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BAL XL Floor One is and excellent floor tile adhesive for fixing XL or large format floor tiles in dry or wet interior and exterior environments. With extended open and working times, it allows allows bigger mixes and longer runs – without worry the product will go off. Use up to 25mm bed thickness in one application – ideal for patch repair and levelling small areas. New and improved formulation means back-buttering is not always needed on flat surfaces.

XL Floor One provides the perfect answer for fixers installing large format natural stone and tiles onto internal or external screeds – including tampered external concrete. XL Floor One is perfect for most types of substrates and is especially recommended for tiles/slabs of uneven thickness such as slate, and difficult backgrounds which may cause traditional adhesive to crack or de-bond from the tile. One white colour, XL Floor One can be grouted in as little as 6 hours – a true “overnighter”.

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