November 6, 2014

During our recent exhibition at the Homebuilding & Renovating show, we decided to exhibit a range of our realistic wood effect floor tiles, which we know are a great alternative for developers keen on using natural wood flooring in their home. After impressing our visitors with how realistic the wood effect tiles look, the common question then asked was “what are the benefits of using porcelain wood tiles over natural wood flooring?” A great question and one we were very enthusiastic to answer! Another observation whilst at the exhibition was that developers were not only keen on natural wood floors, but also using them in conjunction with underfloor heating systems. The response to our advice was overwhelming and much appreciated, therefore we thought the newsletter would be a great way to communicate this advice to our loyal customers and subscribers.  

Natural Timber Flooring

• Typically requires sealing and waxing • Can scratch easily • Regular maintenance required  

Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles

• No waxing or sealing required • Very hard wearing • No maintenance required   There are also great benefits for using wood effect tiles with underfloor heating systems:  

Natural Timber Flooring & Underfloor Heating

• Wood acts as an insulator, so more electricity is required to get heat through • Only engineered wood can be used, not natural wood or laminate  

Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles & Underfloor Heating

• Heat easily passes through tiles, so less electricity is required • Works with all porcelain tiles