February 10, 2019

New Addition – Craft

Our latest addition to the fold is Craft.
A gloss crackle-effect wall tile – perfect if you’re looking for a crazed tile but don’t want the maintenance of sealing & resealing.
Available in four pinterest-worthy hues this tile is one to keep in mind for half tiled bathrooms, kitchen splashbacks or even a feature wall.

Rapid Mat Trade Deal

Buy a 30m2 roll of Rapid Mat for just £239 inc VAT.

BAL Rapid Mat helps protect against lateral movement, uses 20% less adhesive (compared with cavity mat systems) and is easy to install producing significant cost and time savings. Suitable for problematic floors, BAL Rapid Mat protects against cracks, fractures & other damage.

Don’t miss out while stocks last!

Product of the Month: Flexbone 2Easy

BAL Flexbone 2Easy is a unique floating uncoupling mat where no adhesive is needed underneath – a truly uncoupled system! Because it is floating, only basic preparation is needed – simply sweep solid, level floors and lay the mat. No remove of residue, bitumen or laitance. No priming needed. Tile immediately to contaminated, stained or cracked screeds and over bitumen. Fast-track tiling on new anhydrite and sand:cement screeds that aren’t cured as moisture evaporates through covering joints.

Perfect for light commercial and domestic projects, BAL Flexbone 2Easy is a game-changing uncoupling system saving you time and money. Save a massive 2kg/m2 on adhesive compared to bonded mats, plus save on primer and preparation tools and products! Perfect for rental properties, heritage projects and retail stores. Plus because it is truly uncoupled, the tiled surface can be easily removed and replaced!

Tile shown: Hereford Rose

Quote of the Month

“I like an interior that defies labeling. I don’t really want someone to walk into a room and know that I did it.” – Bunny Williams