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BAL Tank It

BAL Tank-it combines ultimate performance, ultimate workability and ultimate versatility for any tiling project – internal or external. Easy to use, and rapid-setting, BAL Tank-it is suitable for all projects including pools, balconies, and terraces. BAL Tank-it is the ultimate waterproofing kit providing complete protection in any environment. It is suitable for use internally or externally to waterproof areas prior to tiling. Rapid-setting, BAL Tank-it can be tiled after only 90 minutes for fast-track project completion – what’s more no priming or matting is required. Available in a simple two-part mix (plus scrim tape), BAL Tank-it is easy to use and will fully seal walls and floors of total immersion areas such as pools, fountains, spas , balconies and terraces.

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Tank It Liquid 5L, Tank It Powder 5KG, Tank It Scrim Tape 20 Lin Mtr

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