October 20, 2016

One of the best things about television is that for a little while, we can sit down and live vicariously through the lives of others. Whether it be to envy the wardrobes of our favourite characters (can we borrow your Manolos, Carrie Bradshaw?), to appreciate the lack of complexity in our own personal lives (hello, Dexter Morgan) – or simply to lust after their perfect homes. The abodes below range from cosy, homey apartments to huge luxurious estates (and we want them all). Have a perusal of some of the best interiors your TV has to offer…   Friends Monica Geller’s New York City apartment was the height of Nineties cool. From the purple walls to the chic French posters, I don’t think anyone has watched friends and not wanted to become Monica’s roomie (and who can forget that yellow picture frame peep hole?). monicas apartment monicas apartment2   Sex and the City Carrie might have upgraded her interior game when she moved in with Big, but her original lived-in, chic apartment is the one I think we all fell in love with. The picture frames, the makeshift writing nook/coffee table area, the unused kitchen, and most importantly the walk-in wardrobe – so many elements of Carrie Bradshaw’s Brownstone apartment make it the ultimate bachelorette pad. sexandthecity sexandthecity2 sexandthecity3 The Great Gatsby While a little more flamboyant than our previously featured interiors, we love the grand décor seen in The Great Gatsby. If you’re looking to add a little glitz and glamour to your home, Baz Luhrman’s take on the roaring twenties is a must watch. greatgatsby1 greatgatsby2 Downton Abbey Whilst we may not run in the same social circles as Lady Grantham, it doesn’t mean we can’t steal some elements of her interior style. You don’t need to have portraits of your great, great, great grandfather or own irreplaceable family heirlooms to include a regal touch to your interior. Bold colours provide the perfect backdrop for traditional furnishings and art, and if you’re looking to add some glamour incorporate some gold or champagne accents. downton downton2