June 18, 2015

We import an extensive range of products from around the world, so it’s important we have an experienced, skilful purchasing team to keep things running smoothly. Day to day can be hectic in the purchasing end of the YTC office so it takes a level headed person like Charlotte to be able to handle the Purchasing Assistant role.     What is your favourite product? Charlotte: It’s a difficult choice, but I particularly like the Edimax tile Instone Bone. This is the tile we’re likely to choose for the new kitchen we are having installed next month. I love the realistic stone effect appearance and the fact it will withstand plenty of foot traffic for many years to come! instone

Tile above: Instone Bone

My other favourite is the Yaras tile in the new Portland range. Its unique patchwork design really makes it stand out. Portland Room Shot 2

Tile above: Portland Yaras

I’m also trying to persuade my partner that it’s time we updated our bathroom suite, as the new baths look amazing! Find out more about our bathrooms here.   How do you relax when you’re not at work? Charlotte: I enjoy socialising with friends and family and doing a spot of gardening every now and again.   What’s your favourite type of music?  Charlotte: I enjoy any music really but I do like dance music the best.   What is the most enjoyable part of your job? Charlotte: It’s probably gaining the satisfaction that the customer has got the end product and that I’ve helped to achieve this. I also enjoy liaising with my colleagues in our other branches and speaking with suppliers in the overseas factories I order from.   What’s the funniest/strangest thing that’s ever happened at work? Charlotte: The funniest thing (maybe not for me) was going to sit on my chair and for some unknown reason missing the seat and falling on the floor! Looking back it was funny but I was left with a big bruise.   Are you any good at tiling or D.I.Y-ing yourself? Charlotte: Although I’m willing to try my hand at most simple DIY tasks, I do know my limitations and when it comes to fitting our tiles, I’ll be happy leaving it to the professionals!     Describe your typical day as Purchasing Assistant? Charlotte: My day usually starts with answering emails, updating colleagues on pending deliveries and placing orders throughout the day. Most days in purchasing are very busy, particularly at this time of year when many people are completing projects in their homes.