How To Transform Your Garden Using Tiles

Over the last few months, there have been some seriously impressive DIY projects posted across social media. It is amazing to see how creative people can be when they have a little extra time to play with; we’ve seen everything from garden furniture made from pallets, to one of our favourites outdoor bars that ‘pop up’ in your own home to enjoy whilst the pubs were closed.

Of course, people have been spending a lot more time outdoors too, so if you are feeling inspired to start a new DIY project it’s a great place to start! A very simple project that can transform the appearance of your garden is to get creative with tiles. Here are some ideas for you to try:

Tile your patio

Adding tiles to your patio area is a great way to improve the aesthetics of your outdoor space. With this idea, you can go for a small project, or design a whole new look for your garden with a fully tiled patio area. Our porcelain Duplo Tiles are the best option to be installed outside. The main benefit of 2cm porcelain tiles is that they can be fitted onto a variety of surfaces. This includes grass, sand, gravel, or cement allowing you to create a seamless look from indoor to outdoor.

Traditional porcelain tiles can also be used outside but they would need to be fixed onto a solid base instead of laying them directly onto an outside surface. Therefore, choosing porcelain tiles with a 2cm thickness keeps installation costs fairly low – a great tip if you’re on a budget!

You can also get really artistic with your layout, mixing up tiles with other materials, for example, they look great with stones bordering them. The Yorkshire Tile Company has a big range of external tiles with some beautiful effects for you to view.

Add tiling to your outdoor bar/BBQ area

If you already have an outdoor area where you have a bar or BBQ, then you could jazz it up by adding some carefully selected tiling. As well as protecting any wooden surfaces, the tiles can be used for a more hygienic food preparation surface or can simply add some character to your outdoor living space. We’ve also seen some great examples of tiles on the back wall of bars, turning a simple optics shelf into a chic bar display.

You can also upgrade your flooring in your bar/BBQ area by installing some wood effect tiles, to make yourself really at home, without worrying about the effect the weather will have on an actual wooden floor.

Upcycle by tiling an old table

You have probably seen lots of DIY projects where people upcycle their old tables by giving them a new coat of paint or put new fabric on chairs. Taking this a step further and achieving even more exciting results is to use tile patterns to give your old table a new lease of life. We love the look of our Hereford Tiles – the hexagonal shape will definitely give a unique feel to your table! They’re also porcelain, meaning they’re scratch resistant and can withstand harsher weather conditions (sun and frost) without the colour fading!

Feeling inspired yet? Take a look through our stunning porcelain range to find the perfect tiles from our tile store for your garden project. Make sure you take advantage of our current offer, 25% off all tile accessories and complementaries when you spend £500, to help complete your garden project!