Deciding Your Colour Scheme

Now staying home has become the new normal why not show your home some extra love? You may notice that you’ve neglected spaces in the home that could be improved with a pop of colour or a striking pattern or you might just feel tired of your current décor and fancy something new.

Why not take five minutes, grab yourself a drink and take these precious moments to yourself to start thinking of potential new colour schemes now. Here at The Yorkshire Tile Company we’re giving you some helpful tips to get you started.

Featured tile:  Strand Viridian Green

Understand your fixed elements

It’s important to work with what you’ve got; we understand that you might not have the budget to refurbish your entire house right now so it’s important to understand what pieces and more importantly colours you are working with. These may include kitchen units, a bathroom suite or even a large sofa.


Initial research

Once you’re aware of your fixed colours it’s time to have fun and get researching, there’s nothing better than an imagination running wild when it comes to interiors. If you’re not sure where to start we recommend Instagram, Pinterest and we suggest seeking out our featured tile collection online pronto. Now you’ve started to curate a few images look for the common theme in your virtual mood board and you should be able to get a sense of how you want your room to feel. Really not sure where to start? You can always use your favourite colour as a starting point then decide if it’ll work as a colour scheme for your home!

Focusing on Colours

With your inspiration in hand you might have a real feel for the space you want to create but may be torn between two different colour families or truly knowing the meaning of a monochromatic scheme so we thought we’d bring together a few different colour stories that we think are always sure-fire winners:

Monochromatic - Use one shade for your entire colour palette in different shades, tints, and tones. For example, this beautiful green kitchen focuses on our Archer Apple Tiles, incorporating deep forest green coloured cabinets and green accessories.

Analogous or harmonious – These schemes use colours adjacent or next to each other on the colour wheel. It is very easy to create a balanced, unified scheme that is pleasing to the eye using harmonious colours. Select between two or three neutral colours that aren’t overpowering such as shades of greys and beiges. A good tile example of this is our Calvados range, it is a fresh contemporary range with a slight texture and is available in two neutral colourways along with two décor styles which beautifully compliment each other.

Complementary – Complementary colours are directly opposite each other on the colour wheel. These colours are naturally made to match with one another, think of red and green apples. Complementing colours consists of blue and orange, yellow and purple, red and green.  This scheme is not for the faint-hearted as the colours can create a bold and dramatic effect. Here our Scrawl Jungle pattern tiles do just that. This vibrant jungle-inspired print brings the tropics inside, creating an unforgettable statement in any room.

Neutral – This is a good colour scheme for those who have a lot of fixed colours already. Neutral colour schemes can create a very minimalist yet contemporary feel allowing your fixed pieces to do the talking. This scheme could include warm neutral whites, beiges and browns. Why not try a greige colour scheme? Our Crystal Blanco porcelain tiles are ever so stylish, bringing understated glamour to any room they grace.


Go Bold and mix things up

Why not be daring and mix colours you’d never expect to work? You could be pleasantly surprised! Contrast is the real key here to creating a successful scheme that’ll bring both balance whilst providing unexpected visual interest, so why not incorporate a metallic tile into your colour scheme?

Our porcelain Shimmer range combines the look of traditional brick with a contemporary metallic glaze in the colour's orange, blue, grey or brown. The tiles are small in size but pack a mighty punch.

By following one of these colour schemes along with your virtual mood board you should be able to turn any unloved room into an attractive, desirable space. Throughout this blog, we have suggested tiles to consider for each scheme but don’t fear if you haven’t spotted the tile for you. Our collection at YTC is expansive so make sure you have a look at the tiles we have available here so you can pick the right one for you.