Celebrating Yorkshire Day with Yorkshire Tile Company!

Last weekend we celebrated the greatness of the UK’s largest county, Yorkshire. People living in Yorkshire are incredibly fortunate to be able to experience many benefits, from residing in one of the most stunning parts of Britain to being amongst the friendliest of folk.


Here are some of the other reasons to be proud of Yorkshire:


There are so many things that make Yorkshire great. Whilst it is hard to name them all, we need to show some huge appreciation to the landscape on our doorstep; the moors, mountains and coastland. When people visit Yorkshire, they are often surprised with how picturesque it is, with so much natural wonder including our famous Three Peaks.


Where would we be without the invention of stainless steel? Buying lots of replacement cutlery, most probably! Sheffield born Harry Brearley is understood to have been the person to introduce the fantastic material that is used for all kinds of purposes around the world.

Yorkshire Puddings

Is any roast dinner complete without a Yorkshire pudding? Absolutely not. The cooks who brought this delicious food to the table deserve a great deal of culinary credit.


Yorkshire also has a long history of sport, with the world’s first-ever football club, Sheffield FC being founded here. Football is now the biggest global sport, enjoyed by all ages and the likes of Lionel Messi might have ended up working in a factory like his father, had football not been introduced by Yorkshiremen.

Yorkshire also has a rich history with cricket and the county has won more trophies than any other in England and has also produced more England players. Yorkshire County Cricket Club was established over 150 years ago and is one of the most famous cricket teams in the world.


How can we talk about Yorkshire without mentioning the amazing music that we have produced? Bands such as the Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, Human League and the Kaiser Chiefs have all hailed from the county – can you think of any more?

The Bronte Sisters

The famous writers Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte were all born in Haworth, Yorkshire and went on to write literature that has reached so many classrooms and universities across the globe. The Yorkshire landscape features heavily in the classic novel Wuthering Heights, a must-read for anyone but especially if you are from Yorkshire.

Yorkshire has such a unique history and heritage and the Yorkshire Tile Company is very proud to hail from this part of the world and to be contributing to the local economy. Founded in 1974, the company now has a 32-strong team of people that typify the Yorkshire values. We are family orientated, honest and friendly people who will go all-out to make our customers happy. Some of our staff have been here for over 30 years, showing that we also demonstrate another great Yorkshire trait – loyalty.

From helping you to choose the right design of tile, to recommending local, highly skilled tilers, if you are looking for a tile company that provides stunning tile designs as well as stellar customer service, we’re ready to help.

Remember, we have showrooms dotted around Yorkshire, including Doncaster, Leeds and Sheffield. We also have one located in Newcastle! We hope to see you soon.