3 Ways With Wood Effect Tiles

Once seen as a trend led buy wood effect tiles are now firmly part of our collection and one of our most asked about floor tile offerings, both our customers and staff frequently choose wood effect tiles for their homes... So we're here to tell you about 3 ways with wood effect tiles, if you thought tiling wood in a traditional plank style was the only way then think again...

Wood on the walls

When it comes to wood effect tiles why should your floors have all the fun? Create an incredibly zen, spa-like space by tiling wood planks on both the walls and floors for an incredibly cohesive look or mix things up by combining different colours and textures in a bathroom setting, just like the image above. We love how contemporary this look is and providing you've got plenty of light we don't see why this wouldn't work for you. Tiles shown: Grand and Manhattan


Heritage with herringbone

Herringbone and chevron patterns are incredibly en vogue right now and we couldn't be happier - we love that this traditional way of laying wood effect tiles has become more popular recently and we doubt something so classic will ever date. If you fancy something different to the norm then this could be a style to explore. Tiles shown: Parquet Tortora, GrandUrbia Wood Noce and Viscount  

Wood reinvented

If traditional more natural toned woods aren't your bag then don't rule wood effects out completely as there's so many different options out there including wood effects with a metallic finish, wood tiles that look as though they're reclaimed and patterned wood effects that are sure to stand the test of time. The real beauty of wood effect tiles for us is that there's zero maintenance once they've been laid which means you don't have to worry about your heels making indentations, warping or potential water damage - just choose the right one for your home and start living. Tiles shown: Marimba AT & WG, Faenza and Manhattan