Top Tips for Choosing the Right Tiler for Your Project

When planning and beginning your latest renovation project – whether it be a kitchen refresh or a whole new bathroom instalment, it can be easy to put all your focus on the products you want and forget about the help you might need along the way. But choosing a skilled tradesperson for certain aspects of your project can often make or break the final finish! That’s why we have put together a simple guide to help you choose the right tiler for the job...

We take our hats off to the DIYers out there who are more than happy to get stuck in with tiling themselves. After all, some tiling jobs can be simple, and there are huge amounts of tips and guides available out there. However, in many cases, an experienced and skilled tiler is an absolute necessity for the success of the project. While finding the best tiler can seem like a daunting task, there are several tips that will help you along the way.

Finding a Tiler - Ask Around

Word of mouth is still one of the most common – and effective - ways of finding a reliable tradesperson. Recommendations from friends and family members are often worth trusting and considering. Alternatively, a simple post on a local forum can also turn up a number of options which can be extremely helpful. While it is likely that you won’t know the people replying to your query, receiving multiple recommendations for the same tiler is a good sign that it will be worth reaching out for a quote!

Browse the Web

While ‘word of mouth’ reach is far from dying out, many tradespeople – including tilers – will now have an online presence, either through their own website or on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. Finding a tiler through these channels can be useful as there will likely be photographs of their previous work and testimonials/comments from their clients.

Find a Tradesman’ Sites

The internet can be your friend through other channels too – like the growing number of ‘find a tradesman’ websites that are simple to use. Sites such as and can make it quick and easy to find local tradespeople and collect multiple quotes. However, we recommend cross-examining the tilers and other tradespeople found through these channels by looking for additional reviews elsewhere, such as through Google Reviews and Facebook.

Narrowing Down Your Shortlist

When choosing a tradesperson for any project, whether it be tiling or plumbing, we always recommend getting a quote from at least two potential options. This will help you to compare prices and timescales to determine the best option for your project. While it might seem prudent to automatically go with the cheapest option, also make sure to consider things such as start time and how long the job will take as this can no doubt have an effect on the rest of your renovation project!

Compare Quotes Like-for-Like

When getting a quote from multiple tilers, make sure that each quote includes the same services/jobs. For example, is the timeframe for the job similar? Does the quote include the removal of existing tiles? Will the adhesive and tiles be provided by you or the tiler? And is there a guarantee of any of the works? These are all questions that you should consider asking when getting your quote and making your final decision on the best tiler for the job.

Once all these questions are answered and you are happy with the final quote, it’s time for the exciting part – beginning your tiling project! We hope these tips will help you to achieve the final finish that your home and your new tiles deserve!