Five Reasons to Use Tiles for Your Kitchen Splashback

We’re sure you’ll agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home. In addition to being necessary for the preparation of food, it is also increasingly becoming a social space: a place where family and friends gather to socialise, eat, drink and of course, cook.

Your choice of material for your kitchen splashback can go a long way to achieving both these goals. There is now a wide range of options available to choose from for your kitchen splashback, from acrylic and glass to stainless steel, but the most popular and traditional option is still tiles. We’ve put together five reasons you should tile your splashback.

What is a Splashback?

A kitchen splashback is an area of your wall that is protected by a material such as those listed above. This area is particularly focused around stoves and sinks; however, they can be applied to any part – or even all – of a kitchen. The splashback is an easy-to-clean area that protects your walls from splashes and stains that would usually mark, or ruin painted or wallpapered walls.

So, Why Choose Tiles for Your Splashback?

They are durable

Tiles offer impressive durability when applied to any area – whether that be bathroom walls, living room floors or, in this case, a kitchen splashback! Porcelain tiles are widely considered to be the strongest and most durable tile available. This type of tile is also less porous, meaning that they will absorb less water – that means no marks left by the inevitable splashes and spills!

Easy to clean

One of the most important factors to consider when considering the function of your kitchen is how easy it will be to clean – after all, kitchens see a lot of spills and splatters in their time! Luckily, tiled splashbacks meet this need, too. All that is needed for the everyday maintenance of your splashback – and to clean up splashes from pots and pans! – is to give it a wipe with a wet sponge and detergent of your choice.

In this stunning kitchen scheme, the easy-clean properties of our durable and stylish Street tiles in Grey has been maximised by minimal grout lines.

Easy to complement your kitchen

Tiles come in all kinds of beautiful shapes and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect colour or design to complement your kitchen. Whether you are looking for a continuity of colour from your kitchen cabinets or floors, or would prefer a contrasting colour or design, there is bound to be a tile out there to suit your design!

In this clean and simple kitchen, you can see how the colour of the kitchen cabinets has been mirrored in the splashback with the use of our Mass tiles in Light Gris.

Can be used to make a statement

As kitchen splashbacks are traditionally focused in only a small area of the room, they offer the perfect opportunity to make a statement. Opt for a bright design or retro pattern, like our beautiful Nouveau Foiles Bergere tiles, to give your kitchen a decorative edge.

A wide variety of design options

In comparison to other splashback options, such as acrylic or glass, tiles also offer a huge variety of design possibilities to suit your personality. From metro and square tiles to large-format and mosaic, the options are endless. Arrange your tiles in a herringbone pattern for a touch of style and sophistication or opt for art-deco style fish scale tiles for a true statement.