November 10, 2016

BAL have long been the market-leading adhesive specialists, for over 50 years they have been providing only the most innovative products and solutions to the tiling industry. We trust in BAL and their products so much that we only stock their adhesives, grouts and complimentary products. Team YTC figured it was high time we paid a visit to our favourite adhesive & grout supplier so off Charlotte (our purchasing assistant) and I went to Stoke-on-Trent to get the full BAL low down. Our in-the-know tour guide was Martin Chappell, BAL’s Northern Area Sales Manager. IMG_4556

Roisin & Charlotte from YTC Head Office

Based in the birthplace of the UK ceramics industry BAL HQ is a real hive of activity, you can walk in and see everything from their customer service team busy at work, to their product being produced by all of their hardworking factory staff and even the BAL scientists conducting product analysis. IMG_4561 It wasn’t long before we discovered all about BAL’s history – founded in 1962 by a group of tile manufacturers who became so concerned about developments in adhesives technology that they decided to form their own company to produce high-quality “new technology adhesives”. Their first products rolled off the production line in 1963 and fixers welcomed the arrival of BAL TAD, their first ready-mixed adhesive. They went on to produce many firsts including: the first epoxy grout, the first adhesive using rubber crumb, the first variable-setting adhesive and the first anti-bacterial grout. Alongside research and development, BAL broke new ground by submitting products for independent evaluation and testing. This set a standard for all future BAL products: rigorous pre-launch testing followed by quality testing throughout the production process, which we got to see for ourselves! BAL PRODUCT ANALYSIS We concluded our trip with a factory tour and got to see how all of the products we sell are made. It was really interesting to see the entire process and how strict and concise the production line is. Did you know that the purer the sand used to produce a grout is, the more effective the end product is? BAL of course only use the purest of sands for their products. IMG_4559 IMG_4558 IMG_4569 IMG_4571 Until next time BAL!