March 10, 2015

With Easter and Mother’s Day fast approaching we couldn’t think of a better time to share with you our favourite DIY tutorials. Whether you’re looking for a gift idea, are keen to make your house a home or simply want to keep the children busy, we’ve got an idea for you. The Fabric Frame What you’ll need:
  • An old frame
  • Cotton fabric
  • PVA Glue
  • A paint brush
  • Scissors
frame 1 First, lay your frame on the fabric and cut one inch around. frame2 Now cut ½ an inch from the inside edge. Brush a small amount of PVA glue on the front of the frame and place it facing downwards onto the fabric. frame 3 Next cut a diagonal line from the edge of the fabric to the frame for each inside corner. frame 4 Brush on the PVA glue underneath the inside of the frame, wrap the piece of fabric around, and add more glue on top. frame 5 For the outside, cut off the triangles from each corner as shown. frame 6 Brush a bit of PVA underneath before you wrap each fabric piece around the frame. Add more glue on top.   frame 7 The back should look something like this. Let it dry for a couple hours in this position. After leaving it for a couple of hours, turn the frame around and smooth out any wrinkles by brushing on some more PVA. Again, leave until dry. frame 9 Now you should have a lovely new frame for your family photos. Original tutorial featured on Mumtastic.    The Tile Chalkboard tile diy tile diy 2   Well we had to fit tiles in somewhere, didn’t we? What you’ll need:
  • A matte tile (if it isn’t matte you won’t be able to write on it)
  • Adhesive hangers
  • The edge of a ceramic tile
  • Super glue
  • Chalk
  tile diy 3 First of all you’ll want to glue the tile edge towards the bottom of your tile. This will serve as the ledge for your chalk. tile diy 4 Now add your adhesive hangers to the back of your tile (you’ll also need something to hang it on). Hang it up and place your chalk on the ledge. Start leaving notes now…. Originally from Olivebites.   D.I.Y Table Mats tablemat What you need:
  • Cork table mats (you can pick these up from Ikea)
  • A coloured or patterned fabric
  • P.V.A Glue
  • Sponge/Brush
  • Scissors
table mat Take a table mat and put a layer of PVA on the surface. Next place your chosen fabric on top. Press the material down onto the cork so that it’s smooth all over and sticks. Leave to dry, and then cut around the fabric as close to the mat as possible. Repeat this process for all of the table mats. tablemat2 Enjoy your dinner! Remember these mats aren’t washable so you’ll have to keep changing the covers every few months (depending on how messy you are!). This tutorial was originally from ilovegreengrass.   Washi Tape Wires If you’re bored of your plain charger, this is a simple tutorial for you. What you’ll need:
  • Washi Tape (a Japanese craft material that’s a bit like masking tape)
  • A charger
washi tape   You can order Washi Tape from notonthehighstreet. Alternatively, you could have a hunt on Ebay or search your local craft store. First of all, ensure your charger isn’t plugged in. Next wrap your chosen tape around the head of the charger and get creative! With this tape the design possibilities are endless, the picture above is just an idea. If you go a bit Washi Tape mad, here are some more ideas for you to try.   Happy crafting! Which DIY tutorial is your favourite? Don’t forget to tweet us with your completed DIY projects, we’d love to see them.

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