If you want to create a contemporary yet rustic look in your home then wood effect tiles are the perfect choice.

In the last few years wood effect tiles have become increasingly popular, unlike some natural wood our wood effect tiles are suitable for use with underfloor heating systems. The real beauty of buying wood effect tiles though is that you won’t come up against any of the problems you may experience with natural wood such as bowing, rotting, warping or colour fading. You’ll never have to spend time or money on intensive maintenance again, instead just choose your wood effect tile and start enjoying your newly renovated living space.

Our large selection of wood effect tiles look incredibly realistic, we’ve even had customers ask if we’ve started selling real wood! Create a light, airy French chateau effect with our cream WoodKer tile, go for traditional with Nature or for that wood effect tile that subtly nods to Scandinavian charm it’s got to be Castle. Unlike some other wood imitation products one real positive of our wood effect tiles is that they can be fixed in any room, whether it’s a bathroom, a kitchen or even a living room. Versatile and beautiful? That’s our kind of product.

Whether you’re looking to create a modern style or a traditional barn conversion feel then we have a wood effect tile to suit you. Come and see just how much our wood effect tiles resemble real wood in store today.


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