ytc_kitchen   On the hunt for kitchen tiles? Then we’re happy to say you’re in the right place. Tiles have always been a popular choice in kitchens, traditionally you’d just see tiles used as a splash-back but these days you’ll find tiles all over the kitchen, whether it’s between counter tops and units or on the kitchen floor. Kitchen floor tiles have become one of the most common floor covering picks, not only are they hygienic and practical but they add real value to your home too. Kitchen floor tiles are the perfect choice if you’ve got children and pets as you needn’t worry spillages or any mess they may make. Ceramic tiles are still favoured for kitchen walls but more often than not it’s porcelain tiles you’ll find on the kitchen floor. In short, porcelain tiles are much more hard wearing than a traditional ceramic tile so are perfect for use in high traffic areas like kitchens. Read more about the difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles here. Whether you’re looking to create a contemporary cookery hub with a brightly tiled kitchen wall or a traditionally designed kitchen with limestone inspired kitchen floor tiles we have a tile for you. Give us a call today or visit your nearest branch to speak in person about what tiles we have to suit your kitchen.  

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